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our course is designed to get you to the highest qualification
in Reflexology today
Level 5

Our course will cover essential knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Reflexology to include:

  • Historical perspectives
  • The evolvement of early theories to the present day
  • Reflexology Principles and Treament Methods
  • How reflexology affects body systems
  • Understanding the consultation procedure
  • Techniques of Reflexology for both Feet and Hands
  • Formulating and Personalising a Treatment Programme
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Reflexologist
  • Understanding physical and emotional causes of ill health
  • Understanding disease development and how an individualised reflexology treatment may effect the disease process
  • Understanding stress and stress responses including how to manage, cope or prevent excess stress

Many courses teach the following after you have qualified (at an extra cost).

We think you need to understand them before you start practising!

  • The Mind to Body connection
  • Language of the Feet - interpreting findings in the feet from an emotional perspective ... including your own!
  • Energy as medicine
  • Deep Touch Therapy
  • Light Touch Therapy
  • Vertical Reflex Therapy
  • Chinese Meridians in Reflexology
  • Treating Spinal Problems
  • The Organ Clock
  • CALM Technique
  • Duopody
  • SportsFlex


"Introduction to Clinical Reflexology"

Holiday Inn-Filton.


Wiil take place on Saturday 9th April from 10.00-16.00
At the NOW Centre Penarth

course room

Wenvoe Course

Will be held on 30th April from 10.00-16.00.
Venue to be confirmed

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